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Staten Island Bar Owner Claims Gambling Charges Are False


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A Staten Island bar owner is an admitted gambler. That does not make him a bookmaker, however. The bar owner was arrested Thursday and charged with possession of gambling records and promoting gambling.

Christopher Shaffer, 34, was arrested at one of his two bars Thursday night after police claim he was running an illegal bookmaking operation. He denies that he is a bookmaker.

“Definitely going to fight it. I am a gambler but not a bookmaker,” said Shaffer. He admitted to going to Atlantic City to legally place wagers.

An undercover officer placed a bet with Shaffer back on December 8th. The bet was on a boxing match. The officer also placed another bet with Shaffer when he returned to the bar to pay the bar owner the $200 he lost on the boxing match.

Shaffer owns two bars in Staten Island. Bottomley’s Tavern is the location where the officer placed the bets and paid Shaffer. He also owns Beer Goggles up the street.

This is not the first time that one of Shaffer’s bars has been in trouble with gambling related charges. In November, the bar was busted and three employees were charged with running two illegal video gambling machines in the bar.

Indiana Politicians Face Reality With New Pull Tab Betting Law

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Gambling goes on in every city in every state. Whether it is legal or not in the state is inconsequential. Bars across America are filled with gamblers that are betting on anything and everything.

In Indiana, politicians need to be applauded for standing up and taking the, if you can’t beat them, join them, attitude. Legislature recently approved a Bill that would allow bars to sell pull tab gambling tickets.

The truth is that they were selling them anyway. Whether or not they were illegal did not matter to most bar owners. The tickets were a source of revenue at a time in the economy when any extra revenue is becoming increasingly important.

The state does not stand to make much money by legalizing the sale of the pull tabs. Only $5 to $25 million will be generated a year.

But this move is more about dealing with reality. Instead of sweeping it under the table and pretending the tickets were not being sold because they were illegal. The Legislature legalized the harmless tickets, and, in the process, generated a small piece of additional money for the state.

In a time when most politicians are winning or losing elections based on their gambling stances, it is good to see some still work logically instead of politically.

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